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Storm Phaze 2

Storm Phaze 2


    The Storm Phaze II is the second release under the Phaze name and it uses the same low RG, high differential Velocity core as the original Phaze. The big differences between this one and the original come from the new TX-16 solid coverstock and the 3000 grit box finish. The change to a sanded solid coverstock gives the Phaze II more traction in the oil, resulting in less midlane skid than the original Phaze, along with a more controlled motion at the breakpoint. While its motion is earlier and smoother, we never saw the Phaze II labor at the pins or hit flat going through the pocket. The Phaze II is one of the strongest balls we have seen in the Master line since before the IQ series, and it is by far the most useful. The new Phaze II features both innovative core and coverstock technology, proving again that Storm is the leader in bowling innovation. This fast-revving shape, the aptly-named, supercharged Velocity Core, smooths out the backend reaction without over-reacting and avoids creating an undesirable last-second movement. TX-16 (Traction-X 2016) is what emerges from countless hours in R&D to develop the finest coverstocks on the planet. This solid reactive blend leaves an incredible footprint on the lane. The marriage between the core and the cover produces the strongest motion of any symmetrical Storm ball to date.
  • Coverstock Type

    Solid Reactive
  • Core Type

  • Hook Rating (scale of 1-20)

  • Factory Finish

    2000 Grit
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